About Us

The CIMS WMS was engineered by staff professionals with decades of “hands-on” operational and IT experience. The CIMS WMS focuses entirely on software products and professional services to provide client companies with enhanced customer centric multi-channel supply chain efficiencies.

Using advanced Android mobile platforms, the CIMS WMS modules are scalable and easily deployed. Our solutions were designed by professionals with actual warehousing/logistics operational experience and as such these products are simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate and to use by the typical warehouse associate operating in a rapidly changing real world environment!

The CIMS WMS solutions are based upon thirty years of WMS experience in both the consumer and the industrial products industries. Our typical staff software engineers have at least ten years of work experience in the field of supply chain execution. The CIMS WMS applies and leverages this knowledge and experience to provide clients with affordable world class solutions that result in significant cost savings and improved the customer service capabilities.