The CIMS WMS is a comprehensive WMS that controls operations from receiving to order fulfillment. It is a powerful multi-channel based solution with a focus on both wholesale and e-Commerce order fulfillment operating in the clouds or on a LAN. The CIMS WMS provides the ultimate in finished goods visibility by SKU, pallet, case and piece. This real-time window into the warehouse enables the tracking, tracing and control of inventory resulting in stocking accuracy approaching 100%. The CIMS WMS enforces associate operational discipline and accountability. This discipline results in maximum distribution efficiency, increased inventory turns and rapid-accurate fulfillment of customer orders.

The CIMS WMS streamlined set of functions have been engineered to be as clear and as simple as possible without compromising the value of the solution. This KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach yields a powerful WMS solution that is easily grasped by warehouse associates, greatly reducing implementation time and costly training. The CIMS WMS employs all of the most current technical platforms, operating systems, and specialty software tools available on the market today. For those companies seeking a quick, simple, yet powerful WMS integrated with their host ERP system’s inventory control and order fulfillment capabilities, the CIMS WMS provides an affordable, high-value solution that can be implemented quickly without the installation pain and costly overruns usually associated with a “full blown” WMS software package.

CIMS WMS Suite of Products

The CIMS WMS suite of alternatives offers its clients alternative solutions sized to meet their business needs. For smaller but growing companies, the CIMS WMS provides clients a powerful, Cloud Lite solution. For mid-range sized companies, the CIMS WMS offers clients its Advanced full function solution. For large companies, in its Enterprise solution, the CIMS WMS provides all of the functionality of the Advanced solution with optional client mandated software modifications, automated material handling equipment interfaces, and warehouse layout and methods engineering services.

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