CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX

CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect

The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect is a tightly integrated suite of powerful RF extensions and enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics AX warehouse management module.

The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect is targeted to address the WMS needs of small to mid-range companies that are the users of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect provides most of the powerful features addressed in CIMS WMS Cloud Lite version.

The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect was designed to provide 80% of “the bang” for 20% of “the bucks”. The streamlined set of CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect modules have been engineered to be as clear and as simple as possible without compromising the value of the solution. This KISS (keep it simple, stupid) approach yields a powerful RF-based WMS solution that is easily grasped by warehouse associates, greatly reducing implementation time and costly training. The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect employs all of the most current technical platforms, operating systems, and specialty software tools available on the market today.

The CIMS WMS RF/AX Connect suite of RF extensions integrate seamlessly with the WMS functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX to fully unleash the native power of Microsoft’s supply chain execution capabilities!

The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect functionality is based upon thirty years of WMS experience in both the consumer and the industrial products industries. Our typical staff of software engineers have at least ten years of work experience in the field of supply chain execution. The CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect applies and leverages this knowledge and experience to provide clients with affordable world class solutions that result in significant cost savings and improved the customer service capabilities.

CIMS Microsoft Dynamics RF/AX Connect Brochure


Integration with Host ERP and Other Third Party Systems

  • Web service integration
  • Direct database integration

Facility Set-up and Control Options

  • Multiple buildings control
  • Multiple location types for different handling of products
  • Auto generation of locations or import of existing locations from current schema
  • Order management control to source orders by building

Inventory Controls and Options

  • Control of master pre-pack SKUs and components

RF Receiving

  • Purchase order receiving
  • Multiple unit of measure receiving
  • Multiple alternatives for labeling receipts:
    • Pallet LPN with case count
    • Master pallet and cases with LPN
    • Totes/Units with LPN
    • Hanging goods with LPN
  • Quality hold and release
  • RF and PC receiving processes

RF Putaway

  • Directed putaway
  • Suggested directed putaway
  • Pallet, case, and unit putaway control logic

Wave Management and Allocation

  • Omni-channel waving and allocation of orders (e.g., wholesale, retail, and e-Commerce)
  • Operator adjustments to automated waves or manually generated waves
  • Wave types by operational methods:
    • Batch or single order picking into totes
    • Pick and scan pack

RF Replenishment Management

  • Automated replenishment types:
    • Min/Max triggers
  • Ad hoc replenishments
  • Multi-stage replenishment to P&D locations

RF Picking and Packing

  • Single order picking
  • e-Commerce single-line order picking
  • e-Commerce multi-line order picking
  • Pick by warehouse, wave, zone, order, etc.
  • Pallet picking
  • Paper pick with barcoded pickticket
  • Travel sequence for picking
  • PC scan packing
  • RF or PC order packing after VAS processing
  • Printing of shipping documents at pack stations (e.g., case label, case contents label, and packing lists)

Shipping and Customer Compliance Management

  • Retail shipment compliance (e.g., BOL, UCC ship, and contents label)
  • User label creation (utilizing BarTender)
  • RF shipping case audit function

RF Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting, and Material Handling

  • Physical inventory procedures and processes
  • Ad hoc cycle counting by location
  • User configurable adjustments mapped to ERP reason codes
  • Inventory management by material handlers with permission:
    • Add SKU to location
    • Add SKU to LPN
    • Adjust location quantity
    • Adjust LPN quantity
    • Build pallet
    • Move LPN
    • Move pallet
    • Transfer inventory from location or LPN to location or LPN
    • Transfer pallet
    • Picklane SKU setup
  • Inventory inquiries:
    • By location
    • By LPN
    • By pallet
    • By SKU/item
    • QC pallet count/contents audit

Other and Special Features

  • User design and creation of barcode labels (e.g., LPN, pallet, case, location, SKU, UPC, and price label)
  • User design and creation of UCC ship label and contents label
  • SQL data exports
  • Optional assistance with engineering methods and facility set-up
  • Complete audit trail history by transaction

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