Cost Savings & Benefits

The CIMS WMS satisfies the requirements of running an efficient operation and warehouse by employing real-time processes in receiving, material handling, cycle counting, putaway, order management, picking, shipping, and automation. The CIMS WMS provides clients with a solution that will help standardize operating methods to minimize the throughput time of orders and give real-time control of operations and accuracy of shipments. The system tracks all inventory movements and provides a complete audit trail of activity.

Benefits/Savings Commonly Achieved

  • Inventory accuracy approaching 99%+
  • Higher inventory turns with lower levels of safety stock
  • Less inventory obsolescence resulting from detailed inventory visibility and the application of FIFO logic
  • Greatly improved order picking accuracy with a significant reduction in associated customer chargebacks
  • More efficient or elimination of physical inventories with periodic/background use of cycle counting and demonstrably accurate inventory records
  • Reduced order cycle time with improved on-time shipments

Enhanced Material Handling Productivity

  • Disciplined, orderly and controlled receipt and stocking of goods with more rapid availability of goods for allocation to customer orders
  • The most efficient method of stock putaway, customer order picking and picklane replenishment
  • Detailed associate operational productivity data providing the basis for staff performance analysis and performance incentives
  • Minimal material handler training time and associated expense as mobile-based tasks are documented and structured on mobile devices and are easily understood by associates
  • Improved reserve stock storage cube utilization, especially when random stock storage is employed
  • Huge reduction in the flood of paper documents, with less lost paperwork, “Where did that pickticket go?”, and a vast reduction in the onerous key entry of data

Other Benefits and Savings

  • Quantum leap in customer service capabilities with real-time visibility of inventory and order status… rapid problem resolution with enhanced order tracing and tracking capabilities
  • Improved shipping controls giving assurance that “everything that goes out the dock door is invoiced”
  • Improved receiving controls giving assurance that “everything that is paid for was in fact received”