e-Commerce Order Processing

E-commerce. Shopping cart and credit cards on laptop. 3d

The CIMS WMS features the most powerful WMS functionality required to satisfy the demands that client companies face to achieve ‘same day’ and ‘next day’ order shipping in the processing of e-Commerce orders. The functionality for e-Commerce order processing includes:

  • Wave and wave-less processing capabilities
  • Rules-based waving and grouping of orders by processing types (e.g., shipping carrier requirements, special handling requirements, special packaging requirements, etc.)
  • Multi-line order grouping and methods for processing orders
  • Single-line order grouping and processing of orders
  • Pre-cubing of orders to determine correct shipping case size, to pre-print shipping documentation, and to determine most efficient shipping method
  • Drop ship functionality
  • Tasking for automation, if applicable (e.g., unit sortation, put-to-light, pick-to-light, cart, conveyor routing)
  • Integration with Amazon, Groupon, Shopify, and other e-Commerce platforms