Multi-Channel Distribution Environment

The CIMS WMS provides for the control of a multi-channel distribution environment in the same operation and systems environment through controls of orders, inventories, and operational requirements. The CIMS WMS provides for controls to uniquely handle different customer demands in a multi-channel distribution environment, as follows:


The CIMS WMS provides for the processing of orders for both direct shipments to the customer’s stores or shipments to the customer’s DC for major retailers.

  • VAS (e.g., ticketing, size tagging, hanging, bulk pull & pack, etc.)
  • Pre-pack and assortment tracking – master and component SKU tracking
  • Customer compliant shipping documentation:
    • UCC compliant shipping label
    • Case contents label
    • VICS BOL


The CIMS WMS has processing features to ship client-owned retail store orders. The system provides for multiple methods to comply with client store demands:

  • Bulk pull and store put fulfillment
  • Pre-cube and pick to shipping container
  • VAS (e.g., ticketing, size tagging, hanging, bulk pull & pack, etc.)
  • Cross docking of orders
  • Plan-a-gram / store zone picking
  • Wave planning by process type


The CIMS WMS provides for the efficient and rapid processing of orders, especially small orders.

  • Multi-line and single-line order fulfillment methods
  • Routing and rating of shipment methods
  • Drop ship functionality
  • Integration into shopping cart software
  • Integration into Amazon, Groupon, etc.

3PL Operations

The CIMS WMS provides functionality for 3PL environments, including but not limited to:

  • Maintenance of separate client-owned inventories, separate client orders, etc.
  • Multiple operational methods – basic combo of paper/mobile device to fully automated
  • Exporting of data for billing purposes
  • Multiple integration methods to set up new clients quickly

Industrials warehouse for distribution and storage