Technical Features & Specifications

The CIMS WMS is a comprehensive, full featured Tier 1 warehouse management system that employs the newest technologies available today. Some technical features and specifications include:

  • Development in Microsoft .Net (C# and ASP) and SQL
  • Easy integration with any ERP system (e.g., SAP, Net Suite, SAGE, ACS, NGC ERP, JDA, MS Dynamics, etc.)
  • Integration types:
    • File based integration (e.g. Excel, PDV, CSV, and XML)
    • Web service Integration
    • Direct database integration
    • EDI integration
  • Permissions controlled by management, who have the ability to create new roles and assign permissions for the viewing of data, the performing of tasks, etc.
  • On-screen reporting functionality that uses layouts and enables the user to create individual layouts and also print/export the data to PDF or Excel
  • A rule-based system providing management with the ability to add rules to modify the operation of the system to the client’s environment
  • A web-based application providing management with accessibility from any browser-based device which is within the client’s LAN
  • Operating the system either in the cloud, in a hosted environment, or locally on the client’s LAN

Integration Data Flow

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